Wish you could play a musical instrument you love?

Looking for a music class for your children?

Not sure which musical instrument to choose from or no idea if you should take exams?

Well, the first question is do you want to learn for fun or pick it up as a skill? The difference is if you want to learn for fun you probably do not want pressure to excel and just want to be able to play some music. This also mean you do not need to work heavily on laying a foundation to build your ability to play challenging pieces skillfully as you progress.

On the other hand, If you wish to learn to master a musical instrument, then it is a skill learning journey which will need effort on building technique, learning important skill like focus attention, concentration etc to achieve the goal of playing pieces. Exams are available to guide your progress from Beginner level to Diploma level and examinations are offered by Examination Board from UK and Australia.

For both types, Play for fun or Play with skill, it is usually once a week on an individual basis to ensure full attention to your progress. You will also need theory to help you understand music language.

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